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Hope On The Streets

Hope was the girl who lived on the street, with her mother Effie, other homeless people all knew about her, the girl who was dragged onto the streets by her mother, when she was just an infant. But the circumstances behind why they were homeless, was always a mystery , something about her father not caring, or that her family didn't care. There were times were she just didn't know where she was supposed to belong, or who she was supposed to belong to.

Shadowemme · Teen
Not enough ratings

Chronicle of Rouge hill

All roads in the mega-metropolis of Rouge hill lead to Malcolm Richards. From boy, to man, to murderer A history set in stone, but a future changed. Table of contents Chapter 1. The masterpiece syndrome - part 1 Chapter 2. The masterpiece syndrome - part 2 Chapter 3. The masterpiece syndrome - part 3 (coming soon) Chapter 4. Denizens (coming soon) Chapter 5. The Humidor (1997) (screenplay) Chapter 6. Bobby's birthstones and trinkets Chapter 7. The soliloquy of Edgar Stranberg Chapter 8. The moon over Rouge hill Chapter 9. Sidewalk diary (coming soon) Chapter 10. Smashing young man (coming soon) Chapter 11. The Dark matter blog (self-published in 2015) Chapter 12. Paper doves (coming soon) All parts Copyright 1997-2013-2021 Andre Lalonde. All rights reserved

Andre_Lalonde · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings