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I am dropping this novel. I never plan to restart it again. I had showed my novel to several people and wanted some honest feedback but what I got was negative. I have lost the confidence to write this novel. *****note****** the main character has a sort of messed up system. so don't expect him to grow stronger 24/7 but he gets both weaker and stronger depending on his system's decisions... he even loses the ability to control some of his abilities. just bear with me and don't have anger issues ------ current race: death. ---- the Mc isn't the only character I will focus on...there are other side stories that I may bring up for the background of everybody in the Mc's party...sometimes stray jokes.

marv_sama · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Dragon Of Death

There is a legendary race, the dragons, but even as the strongest of all races they decided to remain neutral, and there is a species of dragon that happens to be the weakest of them all, the Black Dragon but they have a secret they actually give birth to the strongest Dragon of them all once every 3,000 or so years this dragon is called the Dragon Of Death, this is a story of the last survivor of his species the Final Black Dragon or so everyone thought even the dragons when in reality he was The Death Dragon.

Andy_Gustuv · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Never ending War

The Goddess has given her blessing to this nameless man. He will soon learn the path he had chosen, and follow it to glory.

Austin_Goller · War&Military
Not enough ratings