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A Aloof Prince

During a full a moon, Victoria a 21st-century girl, end up going back to 1619 england. A War will flourish when two Prince will fall for her. Victoria Woods, a medical intern. Famous for her antisocial personality, she has a niche for involving herself in fights. How she gonna find her way back. When she'll get involved with two prince of the palace. Eugene FitzClarence, a 25 year old illigitimate son of the king, serving as sub-lieutenant in navy. He is good at being aloof, and rude. Gedeon II, a 26 year old duke of Gloucester, the nephew of king. A distant and ambitious married prince. How will they survive when they'll end up become the part of the bloodbath for power. Word Count - 90,000 Writer- Snow Zoey

Snow_zoey9000 ยท Historical Romance
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