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Karna The True Elementalist

Karna, the legendary Archer & Son of the Sun God is reborn on Planet Mahi of a Parallel World called ‘Vishwa’. Luckily, he is born with the ability to wield the power of the Elements. While other Elementalist use Orthodox Elements like Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Space, Lightning, Void, Chaos etc. Karna uses the power of all the Elements including orthodox elements like Fire, but also the ‘Elements of the Periodic Table’ like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, Chlorine etc.! Magic, Sorcery, Martial & Ninja Arts, Holy Power etc. are utilized by the denizens of this world. However, only Elementalists are considered Supreme Power House. Being an Elementalist means having the ability to wield the power of Nature to directly affect the World itself. Karna is Supreme among those Elementalists. Mahi is a planet where doppelgangers of many legendary, historical and mythological figures exist. [please note that the names are Slightly different than what you are used to]. If you want to know about his adventures as to- -how he teams up with the Six Star General Jeroge Washingtan of the American Continental Defense Force to gain Independence from the United Bryten Empire? -how he teams up the Jemmy Lai to help Hon Kong gain Independence? - how he teams up with ASEIN (Singapor, Indonesiya Malaysiya, Viet Naam, Phillippines, Myanmaar and the others to stop the combined Invasion of the Nihon Empire and the United Bryten Empire? - how he teams up with Taaiwan & Goryeon Kingdom and helps then gain thier Independence from the Nihon Empire? - how he helps King Vikramaditya of the Aaryavart Nation to annihilate the East India Company’s Main Naval Fleet? - how he teams up with Albero Einstein, Chanakya, Nicola Tesla, Sun Tzu and Shushruta to take on the combined might of Isaak Newtan, Mykal Faraway, Allen Turing, Karls Darvin and Stefen Hauking? - how he changes the strength of Inter-molecular Hydrogen bonds in water molecules to increase the surface tension of water, so that he can walk on water? - how he uses his Sun’s True Fire (he is an Elementalist) to heat up sand at Harbors to create glass to be used as Glass Coffins for his enemies? - how he segregates Oxygen from the Atmosphere to knock his enemy unconscious? - how he creates Acid rain to swiftly end a Naval Battle? -Then read On! I am sure you are going to have a blast reading this. There is not a dull moment here. Along the way, you will also get to meet Empress Victoriya and Emperor Oda Nubonaga and other legendary figures like them. ----- My other works that might interest you: 1 Abhimanyu The Scion of Soma & Indra - https://cutt.ly/Abhimanyu 2 Supreme Sect - https://cutt.ly/SupremeSect 3 Sol Invictus Saga of the Avenger Princess - https://cutt.ly/SOTAP 4 Naina and Abhay's Love Story - https://cutt.ly/Naina 5 God Parshuram's Dystopian University - https://cutt.ly/Parshuram 6 Eklavya The Cursed Hero - https://cutt.ly/Eklavya

VishalGupta · Eastern Fantasy