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The Oracle of CICERIO the Legend (#1)

Modern world The vision The man tall in scurfy hoody and dark jeans a shadow more like, running off down the street, steps heavy and stealthy the black boots pounding on the ground “clomp! Clomp!” loud in her ears until they become faint sounds gone with the cold night air further away from her. Chloe stared in blank blinking trance before slowly turning her head facing the night sky which was a cover of dark clouds. On his way rushing his pace towards her, Neil thought, he would make it, but it was over body going still momentarily in panic, she was matted in blood from her chest where the man stabbed her. Quickly kneeling and leaning in gathering her to himself “You can survive it!” said Neil. “l am so sorry if l came earlier! l should’ve have run out …….” “it’s nnnot …not your fault …. you came Neil, it couldn’t be evaded could it … he came for me again!” “Hello 911 someone is hurt here! please hurry in Beckley street!” voice fast toned in a panic and immediately hanging up on the phone…… “Chloe with your strength alone…. do not …. Don’t die one me, my love the ambulance is on is on its way” Face crumbled, lips trembling and his heavy figure shaking with sobs Neil was in hysteria. “Neil! … Neil take out the knife... ...please, it’s extremely excruciating ……. l can’t …. aaaah looking up into his eyes darkness of pain clouded in them. “l don’t have time Neil” she was sobbing tears which was sprawled over her face in droplets and unfit to talk intelligently. Oracle of CiCERIO the Legend This except is from the original name My love Neil : the future in present time book 1 and Book 2 After being a forgotten past .Lost my account for the original books so bear with me when you see a similar titles of books their mine sparkles love. About the author Pen name Water_C / Sparkles love wrote two book volumes of which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. Writing fictional story lines of action and pure romance.

Waters_C · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


Cassiopeia Lev just wanted peace and quiet. Having to be born with a unattractive face she was forced to live the reality of not being desired by her peers and being constantly compared to her brother. while dozing off in her bedroom, she accidentally fell asleep but waking up in an unfamiliar place caused her to go in shambles. learning how to fit was not easy at all.

Maeyuhhhh · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings