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A Master, 5 Students, and Revenge

A Master, 5 Students, and Revenge

A Master, 5 Students, and Revenge Revenge is what the master needs to attain. He took them in, gave his all in training them, but all were utter disappointments. They were a waste of resources and precious time. Out of desperation, he then agreed to shelter his friend's child as they move their settlement to the Royal Capital. 'Him,' he decided, 'he will have to be his saving grace.' He would place all his efforts on him and have him be the one to achieve his lifelong wish successfully. Kill the Prince of the Jade Empire, brother to the greatest King of Sado Era. But... would it all work out as he intended, even after all his previous failures? The most glaring fact was that the lad had no combat experience to speak of. Gin, the sorry sod, has no idea of his oncoming turmoils. ---- "Gin, from today onwards, you will be my student," Il San's commanding voice washed over Gin. "Yes, teacher. You had mentioned I would be learning under you for the time that I'm here," Gin bowed his head respectfully. "No, not for the time that you're here, but for much longer," Il San corrected. "Um... Pardon?" Gin looked at Il San, doubting his hearing capabilities. "When you learn the Divine Art, I will only need you to do one thing for me." Il San looked into Gin's eyes with a steely force, "Get revenge." Gin paused as he stared at Il San. His mind was already in shambles, but now, it was simply blank. "Pardon?" --- @2020 Red Nuru. All rights reserved. This story is also uploaded on Wattpad and (soon) Royal Road.

RedNuru · Fantasy
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