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My Sun After The Storm (HinaYachi fanfic)

I was consumed by darkness, and I thought nothing could save me from my fate. But when you came your smile gave me the reason to keep moving on when I lost all hope. It gave me the reason to smile sincerely again. You...you were my sun after the storm" - Yachi Hitoka Yachi is the Karasuno boys volleyball team's manager. Every person that met her would describe her as a cheerful, optimistic, quiet girl, but they're all wrong. It's a mask she wears to make sure no one finds out about her true self: the self that is not cheerful and optimistic. After Yachi's father died saving her when she was little; her mother pinned the blame on her. The death in the family caused her mom so much distress that she forgot all about her daughter, and started to become heartless towards her. All the lies that her mom filled in her started to take over, and soon she believed that it was her fault. It took a turn for the worse and she even started to harm herself. One day Hinata found Yachi in the gym cutting. Will he be able to help her over come this darkness? Or Will Yachi be lost forever?

Weeb_forever21 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings