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Demon's Obsession

Malia Anderson is a jolly 17 yrs. Old girl. She's a good daughter. A responsible student and has an excellent grade. Until one night, a frightening incident happened that took her parents lives and she was saved by a mysterious guy. That was the night everything changes in her life.

M_I_A_K_I_N_G_06 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Sunday has a secret. One that's well hidden underneath his shabby clothes. Though he hates the baggage that comes with keeping this secret, it was bearable until a boy named Jacob transfers to his school. Jacob has a secret. One that has his heart racing for all the wrong reasons. Lady may know their secret.... Follow the story of two teenagers attending an all boys high school having a chance at love. **

NellyBoit · Teen
Not enough ratings

Twins only separated

A story of a girl who lost her mum at 15 and got abused by her dad who got into drinking drugs and gumbling. Meghan Carter, as she's called is saved from the receiving arms of death and is sent to a foster family in the USA temporarily only to find out that there is an exact looking being as her halfway around the world away from her hometown. Read to find out what happens. AN// @cookiloopx

cookieloopx · Teen
Not enough ratings