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When The Moon Met Darkness

What is the high chance for a 15 year old boy to go find some strange human like being and develop a relationship with it?I'd say 0.00000001%.

Untold_World · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Yori takai reberu no Riku (Level up)

Undisputed fan of all things Japanese, video games of all kinds. The young British boy growing up in Japan never ceases to immerse himself in his passion. Very shy at first, he quickly makes a new friend in this new place where everything is foreign, despite that he doesn't move away from his games console, nor from his parents, they meet a lot of friends who come and go out of his life as if nothing had happened. It's when his eyes meet a young brunette with blue eyes that all this changes, her cousin takes for idol the very talented young Riku with a joystick in hand. This year, everything changes in the life of the latter, follow his change, the formation of his band of friends, his umpteenth love at first sight and above all, follow the legend of the No Loose Player. Find a new chapter every Sunday.

Kimiruku · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings