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Reincarnated Assassin

Killed on his escape from a failed assassination. The protagonist wakes in a fantasy world as the decedent of a powerful noble with a unique magical blessing. It starts light-hearted in the beginning but heavy moments will come. Be warned

ritzylord · Fantasy

Reborn as the daughter of a demon general

Miyasato is your typical otaku, but one day he dies under a truck because he tried to save a little girl. Now he got reborn in another world with magic and monsters and it turns he (now a she) became the daughter of a prestige demon general serving under the demon king. What will happen next??

Thedonutbee · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Scandalous Lady

Born a high-ranking duke’s successor, Lady Francesca Chandler was sure of her future, not until the appearance of her stepmother, who robs her of father’s attention. In order to gain his favor, she would intentionally involve herself in petty society scandals, garnering the infamous label of being the scandalous lady. But things get more complicated with the sudden death of her father which put her right over the much-loved duchy at stake!   Vicious Duchess Carlotta is taking advantage of young Francesca’s minority to ship her off to the long-agreed betrothal before she hits legal age where she can decide on her own. In response, young duke’s daughter pulled a boldest unladylike move.   If she can’t get hold of the favor of the Chancellor to nullify her engagement to the man she never met. She would mind less being called scandalous again if that would mean to save her house and her freedom. Throwing her virtue to a rich, wealthy man of her own taste, with a respectable ancient title, was the only prospect available. A rake hell like Lord Syford would definitely do.

Cayen_Serah · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Sweet as a Flower

His lips taste like flowers. Silky, soft, and sweet. I want to taste more. His clear pale skin is an empty canvas waiting to be touched. I paint my tongue across his neck, leaving a trail of saliva over his bruised body. I get drawn back to his lips, teasing and tempting my tongue at the entrance. I trespass into the abyss of his mouth, leaving no room to breathe. His legs shudder and he loses the will to stand on his own. I hear his unsteady heartbeat pound against mine. As I lean down to his ear, I gently tug at his earlobe and whisper into his ears. "I will fuck you until you can't stand."

thecatonthebridge · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

High Class

One School. Four Dorms. Nine Intelligences. Which one are you? *** "Many people believe that talent is what makes one great. As for me? I believe in myself." A novel based on Sand Dhammarong Sermrittirong's "The Gifted" and uru-chan's "unOrdinary", comes a story on hierarchy and the caste, talent versus determination and bravery versus normalcy. We introduce to you; Marxist High! *** Ability. Hierarchy. Power. We thank you for taking an interest at Marxist High. As students born out of an evolutionary accident, it is our task to hone the abilities of all students, gifted with intelligences within and beyond academics- the abilities we refer to as innates. *** For someone named Ryo Stronghold, he sure isn't very strong, nor is he brave. For a long while, Ryo Stronghold has always believed that he was your typical randy dandy teenager- and he liked that. One day, Ryo wakes up with a letter introducing him to an exclusive academy full of students with special abilities. Now, will a "special" person in a horde of "special people" still be "special"? Or will he prove his worth, and be the person he totally doesn't want to be? Spoiler alert! Ryo doesn't care at all. All he really wants to do, IS TO GET OUT OF THIS DAMN SCHOOL. As Ryo said, "I don't want to be special. I want to live. I want to breathe- freely." *** High Class Season One: The Games of Class (premieres December 6, 2020) High Class Season Two: The Mind Games (premieres this 2021) High Class Season Three: Secret Class (TBA) Genres: Fantasy / Mystery

bairuifu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings