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Wait! I think my husband can turn into a cat!

Expert: "You better move your hand kitty." Kyo SeolJu's soft voice moved like a feather over his heart. Sliding his hand further up her smooth stomach, Kang SeoMin nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, "But milady is too tempting. How can I stop? After all, one has to savor something sweet." His canines bit into her supple milky skin and left a satisfying mark. "If kitty wants to sleep in the rain tonight that's fine with me. I can have my brothers replace you as my pillow for tonight. I am sure the four of them will keep me warm." Kyo SeolJu's sly, innocent smile made his heart skip a beat, but her words made him freeze. "Milady, I haven't seen you in a few days, I only wanted to make sure I remembered you the same way." Slipping his hand out of her shirt, Kang SeoMin laid down on her lap and pressed himself against her as tightly as he could. His velvety tail wound itself around her leg, and his ears were laid back. "Kitty it was only a few hours! I thought you were a big boy and could be without me for a little while! I guess you are still a kitten!" She giggled as he nibbled and tickled her stomach. "Mmm, I am your kitten. I need to be with you always, or else I will be sad and will not eat." Kang SeoMin's voice was filled with pouting and possessiveness as he started to play with her fingers. With her other hand, she gently ran her fingers through his hair and rubbed his soft ears. She smiled knowing that she was the one to tame this possessive kitten. Kyo SeolJu is constantly running, and Kang SeoMin is always waiting with open arms. Dealing with a hand in the dark, Kyo SeolJu runs from her past and faces an uncertain future while trying to open her heart to a cold CEO and idol who seems warmer than she thought. Her crazy yet wonderful life was flipped upside down when a tragedy takes away one of the things she loves most. And when things take a turn for the worst secrets are the only things she can turn to. As both an idol, and CEO the couple faces crazy fans, business deals, death threats, and school. Through it all, they both have to realize how much they mean to each other and how far they would go to keep each other safe. Did Kyo SeolJu just gain another pet, or will Kang SeoMin prove to be more than a pretty face? ...................................... >WARNINGNO rape!! No major misunderstanding.

BaeAeRi ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings