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Put Out My Fire

Put Out My Fire

Amanda was getting too hot, literally, and only the master of water could cool her down. Unfortunately, he was missing in action. **** Amanda was the master of fire. After five years of carrying out her responsibility, she was an accomplished fighter, but soon her strength became unmanageable and only the master of water can tame her flames. Sadly, he was nowhere to be found. Why? It was a mystery altogether. **** "I want someone to talk to," Amanda said before taking a deep breath. "I want somebody to hold and... I can only do that with you." "I did not think you missed me that much," Christopher said with a smirk on his face. He reached for her cheeks and caressed them with both his hands before he leaned over for a kiss. Amanda's heart fluttered, seeing his lips inches from her. She gulped and said to herself, 'I might as well splurge.' **** This is a story about trusting your heart and finding your fate. Try a different kind of romance story, this time around! Give this story a chance! If Fantasy is not your thing, you may try my other novels. Note that all my novels are all romance related. :) If you like action-romance, try The President's Lover is a Fighter. If you like simply crazy and hilarious, try out Tricking my Cold Lover.

LiLhyz · Fantasy Romance
The Beginning Leads to the End

The Beginning Leads to the End

After a princess unveils something that could change her realm forever, she meets a mysterious boy. Together they set out on an adventure to discover the hidden secrets their realm has. Will their realm fall to the ground? Or will the princess and this boy manage to save it?

_Pew_Pew_Pew · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings