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Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

Anya dreams to have a simple, and peaceful life. However, there has only been misery in her life. This beautiful girl must work hard Every day to support her mother and herself. Until one night, Anya accidentally spent the night in a luxury hotel room, with a handsome man she didn't know! That night changed her whole life... Aiden offers Anya a marriage, for unknown reason to the girl. But Aiden also promised to make Anya's dream come true: wealth and a peaceful life. Will Anya live quietly and happily like her dream? Can Anya live in peace by becoming the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Asia?

Renata99 · Contemporary Romance

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife

"These are my conditions. You have to agree upon them before we can get married." "Accepted. Each one of them is accepted. Any more conditions, soon to be wife?" "Yes, I want your help to destroy my jerk of an ex-boyfriend." A sly smile appeared on the lips of the men sitting opposite her. "With pleasure." How could he let his competitor stay unharmed? He would be having his own fun in destroying the man who had made him taste vinegar a lots of times. "Something as?" Before she could even shake her head, he stood up from his seat and held her hand. "Let's go." "Where are we going?" "Civil affairs bureau. Any time later and it will be closed." Xin Mei looked at the man with wide eyes, and before she could comprehend, she was sitting in civil affairs bureau with a marriage license in her hand. **** Xin Mei woke up from coma after 3 weeks of long sleep. She faced a brutal reality like every other female lead; her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. Feeling vengeful, she decided to have her revenge. It's payback time. "She snatched my boyfriend; I will snatch her career from her." "He rejected me. No problem. I will find a more handsome man than him." "His father made my father beg; now I will make him beg." And who will help her? Su Yuchen! Su Yuchen believed that a person can fall in love only once and he had already fallen in it. His belief was broken badly when he met Xin Mei. After tasting a lot of vinegar, he could not wait for another second to make her his wife. He could not lose his second inning in love. ****** Story Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4bKHKmS Note: This is an original story by me. The cover is edited by me but I don't own the picture. Credit to the owner. Update schedule: 2 chapters daily 14 Chapters in a week Current editor and proofreader: Harry_7, StormAthena5, TannyChan

Vrinda13 · Romance

Loving the Forbidden Prince

Can a royal Romeo and Juliet find their happy ending? Ayleth, Princess of Zenithra, is secretly trained in hand-to-hand combat, and collects swear words she doesn't know how to use. During the Festival of Peace, in which every royal son on the continent will be at the castle for a month, she is instructed by her parents to find a husband. Yet, Ayleth has never even been kissed—until the very first ball, when she meets the man in the Lion mask. Etan is a seasoned warrior, and the Prince of Summitras. He attends the Festival hoping to find a powerful wife who will help him conquer the dark sorcery of their bloodsworn enemies, the Kingdom of Zenithra. But at the very first ball, he discovers the masked woman who captures his heart is the Heir to the evil empire. Ayleth and Etan face an impossible battle. Will their love survive? Or will their parents' dark dealings keep them apart forever? [Mature content. No sexual violence.] ****** “You…” She stepped back. Then back again, her mouth dropped open. “You… You cannot be…” “I am,” Etan said, and his hair raked back as he pushed his mask off his handsome face. So handsome her heart raced. His hair was ebony black, his skin a warm brown that threatened to fade in in the winter months. He stared at her with glittering green eyes, over high cheekbones and a noble nose, his jaw tight and shadowed this late in the day. His chin was high over the pillar of his neck that she’d just touched with its hard lines and steel strength, so different to her own. And his chest... She gasped and covered her eyes. She’d humiliated herself revealing her stupid, childish curiosity. “No, Ayleth. This changes nothing.” “How can you say that? It changes everything!” She was horrified to realize she was crying. “Ayleth, please.” His voice cracked on the plea and she stared at him, shoving her mask up and off, despite how it would pull her hair out of the beautiful twist the maid had managed for her. His eyes locked on hers and she couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. She had met her One. And he was the son of her bloodsworn enemy. She stared at him as he stepped forward again, offering both hands, palm up. “Touch me,” he whispered. “Hold my hands. This is real, Ayleth. I don’t know how it happened, but this is real. Please don’t deny it.” She couldn’t resist. She raised a trembling hand to his cheek, letting her palm catch on the scruff of his jaw. He blew out a breath and put his hand over hers, and that jolt that happened whenever they touched shivered through her again. “Please, Ayleth.” “I cannot deny it,” she whispered. [Cover image by Instagram artist @Heytheathea]

AimeeLynn · Fantasy Romance

Dr. Ex Husband Wants To Remarry Me

The Invincible Divorced Lawyer VS Medical Expert CEO Rumor had it that he is an outstanding talent in the medical field. The second young master of the Lu family, who was born with a silver spoon, is aloof and stays away from women. He has been single until now—but most people do not know that he has a wife who he had been married to for two years. "You want a divorce?" "Yes." "Reason?" She smiles and says, "According to marriage law, one can request a divorce after two years. Does this count as a reason?" "Are you blaming me for not fulfilling our obligations as husband and wife?" As such competent and highly accomplished elites, will they ever open up their hearts to each other?

Jinxi · Contemporary Romance

The Perfect Hidden Marriage

"An evenly split marriage, 100% happiness." Su Jin, the adopted daughter of the Su family, falls in love with her elder brother, Su Mubai, in her youth. In the beginning, he promises her, "After you graduate from university, we will get married." However, he ends up marrying someone else. Later on, she gets busy attending blind dates and tries to enter an ordinary marriage with a heart that's nothing but cold and dead. Jin Hengyuan is cold but handsome—he's her nth blind date. The first time they meet, she wants to scare him away. "If you think it's suitable, we can get registered tomorrow!" He smiles. "I'm going on a business trip tomorrow. I'll be there in the afternoon!" In the afternoon, she becomes his wife. ... She is a quiet woman who doesn't fight or argue. He has no house, but she says it's fine. When it comes to meals, she insists they split the bill evenly. When it comes to sleeping, she insists on sleeping in separate beds. When a woman clings onto him, she ignores her and turns to leave. Even with his daughter clinging to him, she only frowns and tries to keep her composure. A hidden marriage. No one knows that they are husband and wife. Nor does she care. After being plotted against and sent to the police station, he comes to her rescue. Finally, he loses it and starts scolding her, "Must you be so stubborn? Why didn't you call me when something happened? Do you think I'm dead?" She pouts indignantly. "Jin Hengyuan, do you treat me as your wife? If you do, why did you choose to get married in secret?" His anger turns into a smile. Good, she's finally angry. This love was finally no longer his one-man show. ... Small skits: "Jin Hengyuan, I want a divorce!" "Reason!" "You lied to me!" "How did I lie to you?" "You're clearly an attorney. When did you become an errand boy?" "Aren't attorneys supposed to run errands for clients? I take on all kinds of cases. Isn't this considered an odd-job laborer?" "…" Oh, damn it. How did she marry such a bully of an attorney?

Inferior to the Dawn · Contemporary Romance

Perfect family of Cold CEO

He is a gentle Husband and a loving father in home but a cold aloof CEO to the world. No one dates to mess with him but he has his enemies.... She is a beautiful top actress who is in her peak of career. No one knows about her personal life. She holds her name as a Tsundere actress. He, the apple of his parents. A loving 4 year child who never seen outside world and was loved by his parents. All he want in world is his parents and their love. These three make a warm family that everyone will be envious of. But no one in the country know that they or a family. Why and what is the reason this family is living in hide....

kate_23 · Contemporary Romance
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