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The Love of a Lycan

COMPLETED! Snippet: A year ago Raine was discharged from mental institution and had to live in the orphanage. It wasn't the best place. At least not for someone like her. Until one faithful night she met him. *** He stopped the car. The clutched on the blanket tightened as Raine wonder if she did something wrong. She could feel it when Torak reached out his hand at her. Will he hit me? Raine shivered with that thought. Torak pulled back the hoodie off her head and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. "Don't." He said firmly, "I want to see you, don't hide yourself…" ************** “The spirit of the guardian angel will breathe new life into human child. Three guardian angels will be born into terrestrial world once again and the three of you will be their protectors.” “Protectors!!?” Jedrek snapped. In the end, he stopped walking and turned his back to look at the moon goddess from far distance away, his eyes glistening red with anger. His wolf was livid. “Why do you think we will help?” Kace asked while narrowing his black obsidian eyes, his wolf took control of him. He was the youngest among the three and the less temperamental among them. The three of them were cursed by Selene because of their ferocious action to gain supreme power and authority. The moon goddess didn’t bless them with a mate as a punishment of their atrocious way and forced them to involve in this deadly war with the demons. “You will turn us into a slave for those sickly creatures!?” Torak asked incredulously. “Aren’t you afraid that we will snap them into two?” The guardian angel was so fragile and they as lycanthropes didn’t appreciate the weaknesses. “No, you will not.” Selene said patiently. “You will not be their slave nor hurt them, you will cherish them in every way possible.” Jedrek laughed menacingly upon hearing this, they didn’t care about the resurrected of the beast, once they crossed their territory, with or without the guardian angel he would tear their body apart. “I will be the last person they will see, once I find them.” He was referring to both the guardian angel and the demon. But, the next voice from Selene was laced with mirth when she spoke. “You will not hurt your mate.” ============================ Session 1 (chapter 1 - 394) : Torak Donovan - Raine (completed). Session 2 (chapter 395 - 628) : Kace Donovan - Hope (completed) Session 3 (chapter 629 - 1083) : Jedrek Donovan - Lilac (completed) Session 4 (chapter 1084 - on going) : Side Stories ============================ This is a werewolf story and of course a fantasy! Since everybody has their own version of the way supernatural life, here I am trying to write mine. If you have read other werewolf stories, you will be aware there are similarities and differences. ============================ ***Caution! English is not my first language, so there is a possibility that you will find grammatical error (I didn't do it intentionally though), if it makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so I can fix it. *You have been warned ^^ Any constructive criticisms are very welcome! .......................................................................................... ##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare ##Cover by: @Gisel.arts Check out my other stories: **PURPLE DAWN TILL DUSK: dearest through the time **THE STORY OF DUSK

jikanyotomare · Fantasy Romance

Cycle Of Nirvana

In my childhood, I grew up enduring hardships thanks to the love of my stepfather. No one in my clan liked me. To them, I was nothing but useless garbage. At that time, I thought my sufferings were too great. Now that I think about it, those troubles were actually as insignificant as a grain of sand in a huge desert. It was thanks to the events that began with my learning that I was a Chosen after I left my clan. Who had chosen me? What did it mean to be chosen? What was I chosen for? I didn't know that back then. All I knew was the existence of the book in my soul, which taught me more about it as I got stronger and there were other chosen ones besides me. If I could go back in time, would I do the things I did again? Would I be naive enough to make that bloody decision again? Could I have guessed that the truth was so cruel? In a world full of mysteries where the law of the jungle reigns, the great and colossal journey of someone who people wouldn't even call garbage.

Uragos · Fantasy

BILF - Boss I Love to F**k - A Sensual Romance Story (Filipino, Tagalog)

I am Ashiya Yuzon. My life is screwed as it is. Work is the only place where I can control my life. That's why I have a few rules: Don't shit where you eat. Don't fuck the boss. Don't fall in love with the boss. Well. It depends on the boss. One man made me willingly break all the rules. He is the Boss I Love to F**k. *** "Sir, you are here! Maaga bang dumating ang flight ninyo? Did you come here directly from the airport? Have you had breakfast?" "Strip," he commanded in a clipped, no-nonsense tone. He didn't care about my blabbering. Natigilan ako. "S-Sir?" "Dalawang linggo lang akong nawala pero hindi ka na agad nakaka-pick up ng instruction. You are getting rusty, Miss Yuzon." Tumaas ang kilay niya. "You don't want to wrinkle your dress, right?" "Yes, boss."

Sofia_PHR · Romance
Not enough ratings

The Rightful Queen

"Let me get this straight, you want your fiancée who had zero training to rise from the dead and take her place as your rightful Queen?" Aurae Kingdom had two princesses, one born from the Queen, one born from a mistress. Princess Alkas and Princess Ariene's fate had been aligned since they were conceived... until a fire broke out inside the palace, killing the king, the mistress and the illegitimate princess. With no one else to stand in her way, Princess Alkas is ready to take the throne with Tylen as her king. If only a band of pirates isn't about to swipe the crown off her head. Under the orders of His Highness, Crown Prince Tylen, the group goes on the hunt for a dead princess to oppose Princess Alkas' ascencion. Rank #4 in Writing Prompt #63: One Chapter Contest ==================================== For the cover: Characters had been made through a website, Picrew. Title and author name had been made through an app, PicsArt. ==================================== Copyright © 2019 by CailinMatthews The moral right of Cailin Matthews to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, withouth the prior permission of the author. All the characters of this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

CailinMatthews · Fantasy

Football Hotties (Tagalog, Filipino)

Warriors on the pitch, lovers off the pitch. And they are out to capture your heart.

Sofia_PHR · Competitive Sports
Not enough ratings