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Littlepunnie · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

3 Rich Men

"Help me become a woman every guy wants." Francesca Délon pressed the very thought in her head that she would never be beautiful. Many people have put her down since she was in primary school and she couldn't help but believe every word thrown at her. Being ugly wasn't what she was asking for, but, whether she wanted to believe it or not, being ugly wasn't what she got in the first place. Kim Byeong-ho, Park Dae-jung, and Lee Young-ho are French-Korean fashion designers coming back home from Korea for France's 50th Annual Fashion Month. They haven't had any immediate plans, but knew they were ready to work on the fashion show for that month to better their sells all over the world. While in France, they convene with Francesca's father and eventually meet Francesca. As they're working on plans for the fashion show, Francesca's father leaves Francesca alone with Kim Byeong-ho and Lee Young-ho. She takes this opportunity to ask Lee Young-ho to help her be gorgeous. Little does she know that she struck a nerve in both men. Copyright of 2020 XÃÑĐŘÍĄ

Serena_4444 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings