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His Wife Run Away After Rebirth.

This about a young girl who married to a young noble man. She was still 18 year old and died after 7 years of marriage to an evil man, CEO Yun Leifeng, who is 20 years old. She committs suicide after she lost her baby for the third time and was reborn after that to the nightof her wedding. After rebirth she didn't plan to take revenge like people always do after rebirth, she just want to fulfill her wish and want to live a life in freedom without anybody to control her path anymore. the next day after she married, she ran away 5 year later she was back but not as Li Arinne or Mrs. Yun but as someone else,she changed her identity. When she got back, CEO Yun already had a fiance and that woman was the one who poison her second and third unborn child in her previous life..... Ling An Yin that was the woman name.

Ghost_Sinker ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings