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The Soul Realm System

In a world where portals to hostile worlds appear all over earth and humans have supernatural abilities, a world where power is the difference between life and death, Kai Osborn is powerless. Well until a game like system appears and unlocks the innate power he never knew he had. If you like a story with a mc who goes from weak to strong, a unique power system, and a game like system without that HP bs (if Kai gets stabbed in the neck in this book, HP doesn’t have to reach zero for him to die because HP doesn’t exist), give my series a try!

Twoscal · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Very dropped indeed


CrissCrossArk · Magical Realism

Rise From Ashes Series

This book contains violence and gore, swearing and potential sexual references. _______________________________________________________ Book 1; The Assassin: A mysterious orphan girl, whispers from the past, and a hidden danger lurking in the shadows. Who can follow the breadcrumbs and piece together the clues before it's too late? Silent and mysterious 17-year-old orphan Roxanne is adopted mere weeks before she is due to be released from the orphanage where she grew up. Moving with her new family to Brightton she holds onto the secrets that poison her mind and keep her awake when all else is asleep. As things begin to come to light and the whispers surrounding Roxanne’s past grow stronger, who will believe what she has to say, who knows her truth and who is brave enough to find out?

Arcin_Enroth · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Arcanist Of The Apocalypse

In the year 2639, humankind destroyed the world with Dark Matter. In their wake, monsters appeared and drove humanity to the brink of extinction, until people who could use powers started appearing. They became known as Hunters, and those Hunters with unique powers are known as The Named. A thousand years later, and the inheritor for one of the original named is about to discover his fate.

Skye_Nicht · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

The Modern Demons

The road is hard, but not endless. Mac must find the cause of this hell on Earth, for it is his destiny to go beyond the limit.

kizatsu · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings