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CEO Ms. Kang's Top Secret

[*NOTE: The cover doesn't belongs to me. The cover is taken from Pinterest and all the credit goes to the original owner.] What is the limit to which you can hide a secret? Kang Ji Ah, the 'Console Goddess' of the gaming world and the founder CEO of the top gaming company, AxeNort, has charms ample of making anyone fall for her. Even though her temper is no joke, she is many people's definition to the 'perfect ideal woman'. However, behind her gorgeous face and a time-bomb-like temper, she hides a huge secret, which she is willing to protect at any cost. ---- "How is this a blessing when I have to go through all this, because of it?", Ji Ah complained as trears rolled down her cheeks. Taking a deep breath and wiping the tears off, "No matter what, I'm going to stop it. At any cost. I will do whatever it takes. I will find the one who....", Ji Ah voiced out with confidence in her eyes. ---- But what will happen when the one 'chosen' to help her will turn out to be the man she never expected even in her craziest of dreams? Not only that, every time she tries to keep her cool and not hate him, he somehow makes her hate him even more. And in the midst of pretending to live a normal life and trying to work things out with her 'chosen one', Ji Ah crosses paths with a mysterious man 'Ace', who knows her secret and is threatening her to reveal it to the whole world. Will she be able to protect her secret? For how long? Who is the mysterious man 'Ace'? Will she be able to catch him and stop him? Will things work our between her and her 'chosen one'? Will she ever be able to live a normal life?

The_Ocean ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings