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PARAGON: Where Wielders and Trained to be Heroes

Syringe Vintage is the daughter of Torpedo and Ravity a famous duo known for being one of the best in hero work. Saving lives and capturing villain was Syrine's cup of tea knowing that she encounter it almost every week. She always looked up to her parents imagining the day she'd be like them, it's just hits the right spot. Finally that vision somehow took a step forward in becoming into a reality, when she got invited to enroll in the most prestigious hero school in the world "Paragon" where wielders are trained to be heroes. She was delighted but at the same time hesitant, her talent or others call it superpowers have troubles in obeying her orders, in short she has control issues. Can she live up to the standards she set for herself or just stumble down to rock bottom? Come and join her heroic journey into becoming the hero she oughts to become... -Majestinnie All rights reserved

Majestinnie ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings