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Soriano: The Clan Amalgamation Project

Soriano woke up to an odd situation where he got dragged in front of many people and was introduced as the anticipated Hero and God of Clans. Processing what he had just been told, Soriano couldn't help but say "No thanks." The Clan Amalgamation project was formed to create a real life Soriano, the hero protagonist from a legendary book. But the Soriano they created turned out to be not as obedient as they thought he'd be. That is until they sent Soriano to join a group of soldiers to solve a case from an ally clan of the Humanland. Things got out of hand, leading Soriano to a discovery that he wasn't the only one the project has created and that there's more to him than a spawn hero.

shinko31 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Umbra Hunters

A journey to end the darkness that pools into the waking world. Joey, attacked by the darkness, must grow to be strong enough to combat the darkness. With people she meets in her many travels, she aims to make the world better, ending the umbra once and for all.

MaeveLocran · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Sacred Mountain

Young and talented shinobi named Akira was minding her own business until a mysterious boy showed up while she was on her way back to the temple to finish her task by delivering an important relic. It did not seem that this meeting happened by accident after he tagged along. There was something that he was after...

localsoybean · Fantasy
Not enough ratings