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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

A tale of a young girl as she goes on her journey... ~ Alternate synopsis (Chapter 13): "Let me tell you about something of mine old friend, something that I have never told anyone, not even the most loyal of my servants know. Will you listen?" "Do go ahead." "It started long ago when I wanted to find a way to allow humans to be free from pain and death. I was on one of my travels when I came across a little child, she couldn't have been more than an infant, presumably abandoned. So I took her in. I wanted to make an elixir that could eradicate all disease and allow a person to live on, for a long time." "You know that such a medicine is impossible, what you are talking about can only ever exist in the legends and myths." "Oh is it…" *There are slow updates Disclaimer: If you're in it for action scenes or fast-paced storytelling, this is probably not your cup of tea. ~ Title picture from Pinterest ~ If you like my work: ko-fi.com/littleredblossom

littleredblossom · History
Dynasty:The five worlds

Dynasty:The five worlds

A thrilling adventure about a seeming normal girl called Lilith and her life growing up as a villager in the human kingdom of Lastelia with her four friends, Azrail,Evangeline,Ashtell and Jeffrey. Join us in the magical journey of The Five Worlds with Lilith and her four friends trying to find her true self...with many obstacles in the way Adopted As a child Lilith, grew up with her "Sister" Evangeline.She seemed to have the perfect life as a normal village girl but sadly her parents had a very abusive relationship. Her mom suddenly grew sick making her always drunken father to leave the house to live with his bastard family. This leaves both girls alone with no money. Lilith and Evangeline leave home to find an herb in a forest to help their Mother. On this quest they discover Lilith's true parents and a seemingly normal local farmer boy called Azrail...or is he? Little did they know that Lilith's real parents are the seemingly mythical rulers of the five worlds that they heard stories about as children growing up. Join the adventure of Lilith and her friends trying to save the five worlds from doomsday.

Lilith_Shirayuki · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings