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The Brute

A moody Brute and an emotionally broken woman. What could go right?

HephziLolami · Romance

The Wallflower Boys

The Gui boys have been together for so many years and now want to accept newbies into the boy-band. Jung Ho, the band leader is ruthless and known for seeking perfection and pushing people's limits. Especially when you test him. And a little minx who thinks he is adorable and can get away with everything keeps testing him! The ruthless Jung Ho promises to make the boy's life a living hell! When Eun Ji, a tomboy from Seoul hears about the Wallflower boys audition, fate plays it's funny way and Eun Ji finds herself in the headquarters along with several men. All through this time, she is disguised as a man and wars in a battle to be among the top 5 qualified to rank as a member of Wallflower boys 2. The only obstacle on her path now is that this opportunity is only open for boys! Will Eun Ji survive in that house full of men and scheming individuals or will she get exposed while trying?!

HephziLolami · Romance
Not enough ratings