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Dark King: Revenge Is Painful

Killed by his own twin, Hei Wang finds himself waking up as his younger self. The time has come for his revenge? Joins Hei Wang as he shamelessly bullies the weak, wantonly kisses the females, and fearlessly make enemies. He would reach the peak once again only to be killed his twin-siste.... cough! He would reach the peak once again to find the answer for his existence. ......... ShowOff is the concept of my life. In need of ShowOff System! ........... Core Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Unique World Background, Shameless protagonist, All knowing protagonist, Multiple Worlds, Truth Seeking Protagonist Side Genres: Yandere, Caring, Game Elements, Harem, Trolling, Overpowered protagonist, Helpless Protagonist

ShowOff_Noob · Fantasy

Eternal night.

On a dark and cold night, 13 teens sat around a campfire. Drinking laughing and partying. Untill, one of them decided leave, taking a break to relieve himself. The next morning, his body was found lying in a shallow ditch. His head decapitated, his neck gnawed off. Every day, someone dissapears. Every day, a fresh scream is heard. Every day, a new corpse is found. Every day, a howl is heard. A murderer hides among the teens, but not just any murderer. A werewolf. A werewolf who wants nothing more than to kill, feast, and torment. These teens must find the werewolf before it picks them all off. But who could it be? The shy nerd? What about the hot and sexy jock? The self righteous rich kid? No one knows for sure. But what they do know, is that they are stranded on a private camp. Miles away from civilization, and..... medical attention. They can run, they can hide, but they can't escape. As time passes, and the bodies pile up, tension starts to rise. Freinds turn against Freinds. Brothers betray sisters. Girlfriends reject their boyfriends. In the midst of it all, the werewolf laughs. Enjoying the chaos that it creates. Will anyone escape? Will the werewolf kill them all? Only time will tell....

Thesleepy_artist56 · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings