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The Demon's Remark

Skyrondale a guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth had a dream. And that dream is to see his parents care about his existence that never happened since time immemorial. Because of his nasty, spoiled, and pesky attitude, he attracted a demon named Lilvanna Lucifer. Lil is one of the fairest and prettiest demons you will ever see in your entire life. She looks like a goddess in black wings and long silver-white hair. The sky was mesmerized. He was taken aback, as Lil approached his delinquent body and made a deal. She meant to grant the guy only wishes in exchange for his dark soul, which is very special and needed in the demon realm. Would Sky agree on her terms? Or Lil will just forcefully take his soul against his will?

Xien_xien ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings