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Project Omegaverse

What if I'm the first Omega. What should I do? What if I'm an Alpha. What should I do? What if I’m a Beta? Is it still the same? There are many questions inside my head that I can't answer. I don’t know if I'm still the same, Minhyuk’’ Synopsis : In the early Generation of omegaverse there are Societies whereas humans are divided into a dominance hierarchy of Dominant "⍶ Alphas","β Betas", and Submissive "Ω Omegas" but in this generation there are no more Omega only Betas and Alphas Park Jisung is a Dominant Alpha, He is the son of the Most famous and Richest Doctor In the whole world, He Secretly likes Minhyuk because of their childhood memories. Kim Minhyuk is the last omega in the new generation after the extinction of all omega, He wants to become a Professional Painter..He is the son of the Most famous Scientist In a University . After the University Opening Ceremony Party Jisung see that Minhyuk accidentally hit by the car which led to his 1st omega blood manifesting , Jisung father remembers the unfinished experiment with his partner (Minhyuk Mother) in his lab that can make a Beta people impregnate luckily Minhyuk survived after the experiment use to him slowly he’s turning into Omega, Hints about the "incident" start to appear and able to regain his memory bit by bit. After that Jisung Claimed that Minhyuk is his mate and marked him on. Will their relationship change at the end of it all? Let's find Out!

Wayzone16 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings