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"No way!" I gasped, unable to contain my bewilderment. "Surprise surprise." "I should've known." I whispered. "Known what, your stupidity? Naivety?ignorance?" ******************************************* Being a descendant of the legendary top class Del Varia family doesn't only come with looks and riches. No, the ladder goes far beyond that, deeper than that. It's one thing to be openly betrayed by the most trusted people in your life, but what more of being duped in the dark? Caged in a web of lies and hatred, submerged in a pool of vengeance, betrayal and dark secrets, Join Seraphina Del Varia on her epic journey to unravelling the truth to many unanswered questions, and read as the mystery unfolds, fixing the missing pieces to the puzzle.

mina_dahaba ยท Contemporary Romance