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beat of my heart

Victoria never thought she fall for the someone the wasn't meant to be fall , the love for her sister fiancee is forbidden she never meant to follow the same path of her mother because of one love that took her something that she hold dear for, Victoria love is curse in disguise. oh how much she hate her heart that beat for the same love, yet different at same time. excerpt :- "you know what I am jealous of you" Victoria suddenly blurt it out he looked at her amusedly and asked "why" "because our son looked alike you so much, it made me envious you, I had carried him eight months twelve days" Victoria said seriously like her son betrayed her . his mouth twitch at her seriousness he failed to hold his laugh Victoria scowl at him . "you!" she smacked at his shoulder he coughed trying his best not to laugh at her he pulled her to his lap looked at her lovingly . "you forget one think he might looked alike me but he got something beautiful from you that I fell in love for the first sight " he gaze at her Victoria blush and coughed"what" he peck at her lips without warning Victoria looked at him and smile he traced her lips with his fingertips "your smile he got your beautiful smile" then he kissed her dimples then he traced her dimples. " he got your beautiful dimples you know what whenever you smile I feel like I am the luckiest man in the earth I won everything because I am the reason of this smile" it's my first time to write a story so pardon for my mistake.....

gilttypleasure ยท Teen
Not enough ratings