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Black Water

The town of Fallhaven finds itself shaken when a teenage girl goes missing one night on her way to the local diner. Once a charming place steeped in history and tradition, Fallhaven and its residents are thrown into disarray as the days go by without answers. Reese and Ava have been inseparable since Ava moved in next door when they were little and bonded over their love for adventures. Now juniors at Fallhaven High, they both want to explore their boundaries and find themselves. As the town's residents struggle to cope with the disappearance, Reese and Ava’s sense of security and normalcy is threatened, so the two friends set out on a fun and light-hearted expedition to retrieve an old time capsule. But what seems like a simple and exciting night out for the girls, quickly turns into a nightmare as they make a sinister discovery that ties them to the missing girl. Reese and Ava quickly realize that this particular adventure may just be a bit more than they bargained for.

J_L_Terenna · Teen
Not enough ratings