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Code Red Syndicate

Code Red Syndicate

They tell me this bracelet means I belong to the crime syndicate. The blood-red color of each link indicates I was chosen to be the future wife of their self proclaimed king -- the Crimelord that is rumored to love death. Today, I protected a stranger from being one more of their body count. Little did I know, I was the one who needed protection. The man I saved was the one we all needed rescuing from. But, as I watched the man I saved efficiently dispatch his enemies, I realized: no good deed goes unpunished. My salvation will also be my curse. ------------------------ If you like the fantasy/romance genre with a strong female lead and enjoy my writing style, please check out the book I published (AVANIA): https://www.amazon.com/Avania-R-Adams-ebook/dp/B082Y2RHMH/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=avania&qid=1577076699&sr=8-1 ------------------------------- From now, December 21, until January 11th, I will release 46 chapters. (I.e. 2 chapters per day) Webnovel will contain a more explicit version than Royal Road or Moonquill. I will highlight the explicit chapters in the title so that you may skip them if that does not interest you.

Kuro_Ookami · Fantasy Romance
Orion Complex

Orion Complex

Conner is sick of always being in his twin brother's shadow. He always manages to get 2nd place to his brother no matter what he does. Determined to beat his brother at something, he lies about having a girlfriend. To keep up with his lie, he takes a picture with a beautiful, sleeping stranger and uploads the picture online and claims the stranger is his girlfriend. However, the beautiful sleeping girl is a rising teen celebrity named Estelle and is caught in his lie by the class weirdo, Annelise. "I'll help you keep your secret if you do what I say", Annelise threatens leering at Conner through her thick glasses with a horrifying smile spreading on her lips. Conner finds himself at the mercy of the school's weirdest girl. cover is my own art. not super satisfied with it though so will probably change it in the future.

the_great_amigo · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings