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The Phoenix:Love from the bounds of Hate

this story is about three orphaned girls trained their best in the roughest and the toughest of situations to handle the all mighty mafia named the queen of phoenix. it was passed onto them from their father who adopted them and trained them into the fearless warriors that they are today. it is a story of handling the mafia and in the path also finding their true love and thus protecting them with their lives under a disguise.

saranghaeyochingus · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Katherine Oscar, being the only daughter of a top Business man, she gets what she wants. But it's not easy to live like the life she lives. For outsider is a lovely life but she only knows what is like to live with the past things she had suffer from and at the top of it when she has to move back to London, living all the important people behind she has to start a new life and for the person who hates love and trust no one except her close one, it's gonna be surely hard to get use to it While on the other hand Alex and Darren hate each other with burning passion. But these two people are going to be a great road changer in Katherine's Life For Katherine Love is nothing, everything is a deal. But after meeting Alex and Darren will she be able to think differently about love or she will mess everything. Will she be able to trust strangers What will happen when both Alex and Darren enter the life of Katherine? So many possibilities but one can be true.

_MyStEriOusMoOdY_ · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Kiss Me Under a Light of Thousand Stars

Erika was confused, with what he was saying. The person whom she had been loving for four years. And made promises to be with forever. Even marrying her, was his only dream. "I don't want you anymore" "You were never mine, I was never yours" That was the harsh words I had ever heard from him during our relationship. Everything changed from THAT day. What do you think had happened? Is it one of the worst nightmare? The sudden change in his heart? Can Love happen twice? A passionate, from sultry desire to exquisite longing, a story combines with contemporary romance and an ironical twist. #update : 1/per week #update time : (12:00 pm to 01:00 am )as per (GMT+5.5) #love #hatred #betrayed #lovetriangle #teenage #rival #femalelead

Santa_ams · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings