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Who is Mei Ling and Chu Sheng?

Who is Mei ling or Chu Sheng? Is a novel/manga written by the author TIm. The story focuses on a female young adult, Mei Ling also known as Chu sheng does have a large mysterious history, one is her name. She was born and was given her name “Chu sheng” due to her father's mental state and the fall down of her family business career, she had no choice to change her name to her mother maiden name “Mei Ling”. Her mother, who passed away after giving birth to Chu sheng. Chu sheng known as Mei ling survived her school years without anyone knowing her past life. As time grows, Mei ling(Chu sheng) gradually grows into an independent person, cold hearted, emotionless, heartless and someone who doesn’t care in the world.

TIm · Teen
Not enough ratings