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23 years old Joanna Evans, is always known for her good looks and perfect body. She have everything she need, filthy rich and beautiful, also the daughter of a billionaire and CEO of the Evans group, no. 1 company in the world. What happens when she cross paths with a famous pop singer? What if it's none other than Harry Styles, the member of the most famous boy band? What could go wrong? Read this now! Author's note: This story belongs to me and me only. I wrote it with my own imagination and my perspective view. So, Don't cause any trouble if you're not satisfied with the story content. And also, I am bad at spelling and grammar. Well, not bad.. Just not that good, tbh:) So, please forgive me for that... Please vote, comment and read my story to the fullest. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me anywhere at any time. Thank you! Have a great day❤️ ⚠️Warning⚠️: Some characters in this story are fictional while others are real celebrities. If there's anywhere I have to do any corrections, please do inform me in the comments. Also, this story contains false languages. If you're not satisfied, please exit right away. Thank you! Wish you a Happy reading:)

Jaexstyles · Teen
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