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remember her - h.s.

An extensive summer romance that found itself at home within two unlikely people.

gracynangela06 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Angel of Death [H.S.] [A.U]

Luz Garcia gathers her things and moves to NYC after High School, running away from death, boy trouble, and the walking reminder of the best and worst night of her life. Convinced nothing could make her leave the big city and go back to the town that only caused her pain and heartbreak, a High School reunion, and an old friend reels her in. When the reunion turns bloody, the mystery of the murder becomes the focus of her Journalism work and the perfect excuse to spend her nights wrapped in Harry's arms. Harry's green eyes and mind-jumbling touch almost successful at distracting Lu from her suspicions about Harry and his many secrets. Lu's hunger for truth will push her into a pit she will never be able to escape, not even if she wanted to. Explicit content warning: sexual, violence, language, and drug use. THERE IS A LOT OF HET SMUT IN THIS STORY IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS PLEASE DON'T READ IT. DISCLAIMER: ALL COMPANIES, PLACES, AND CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL AND NOT A REPRESENTATION OF THE REAL PERSON, COMPANY, OR PLACE. TPWK

TBSGUCCI · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings