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The Beat My Heart Dances To

2 of the best dancers... The same dream... The same passion... But what happens.... When they have to share the same spotlight... "SERIOUSLY can you like stop bumping into me!" Anger courses through my body as I shoot him a glare. "Well.. if you'd stay out of my way then GLADLY!" the jerk says yelling near the end, "Aish this dumbass..-" I say muttering to myself. "What- what did you just say" "whAt- WHaT dID YOu jUsT SaY" I laugh as I mock him. I can feel the warmth of him on my back, I can feel him standing behind me, turning around I come face to face with him. His face inches from mine, "so you're mocking me now... well what happens if I kiss you?" A bit flustered my cheeks turn red. I snap out of my daze mustering up enough courage to reply. When it comes to this.. the only way I can win is if I fight fire with fire. looking into his eyes I say "well then I guess I'll have no choice...- ....but to return it".

Blue_Evelyn ยท Teen
Not enough ratings