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Hardships and friendships

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Tsundere Angel

A free maniac who followed his way, attracted by blood he pays with blood. reincarnated in a world where abilities and cultivation exist can makka still fall in love with blood? ----- Check my other novel: World scariness ghost Want a friend? > Fallingleaf#1121

Fallingleaf · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

The Prodigy of the Elements

A boy born in a low branch of his family, showed an aptitude for magic and combat. He grew up till the age of 5 not knowing his father, only knowing the love of his mother. The nation he was born in was in the turmoil of war. Only to see it end as he was only a child.

Cody_Kuehner · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Away but Never forgotten

Charlotte aka Charlie loves taking photographs of the things she loves but behind the camera lens is a regular school girl, smart, pretty, kind and friendly. Lucas her long time crush is the definition of perfe (ctto to original owner of the pic. edited glitch cover is by me)

LeviHeichou04 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings