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BL | The Secret Lives of Pop Stars

For as long as he can remember, Charlie Kuno has wanted to be a j-pop idol. But what awaited him was the constant rain of rejection from auditions because of his half Japanese looks. So when he finally gets recruited by I.B. Entertainment-- an once popular management company-- Charlie was sure he was one step closer to his dream. What he doesn't know is that this was the final gamble by his company to survive from the verge of bankruptcy. Just when things start looking up, reality crashes and Charlie is forced to make staking decisions. Thrown into a foreign land with a different language, culture and standards, Charlie and four other boys with differences ranging between the heavens and earth are put together to form the group, aXle, only to find that behind the glamour of k-pop's lights and perfect white smiles is a hidden world of struggles, tears, first times and even unspoken love. Follow aXle and their secret lives as they strive to follow their dreams and become the number one k-pop boy group in the world.

mistalee · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Destroy all magic! My power is enough.

Isaac Averitt is a young shopkeeper. As a child he fantasizes of being the hero that slays the dragon. After the premature death of his father and senile nature of his mother, he was forced to take over the family store. After living his life plain from day to day, he was visited by a strange short man on a journey for revenge. Follow his journey to eradicate all magic and destroy all monsters. This is his journey from part time warrior to full time hero. Chapter Length: 1000-1200 words Disclaimer: Characters will die and are expected to die. The system being used is very unforgiving and the genre can swap very quick. This story is the brain child of multiple people, each playing different characters how they believe that character would be played.

Unkmer · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Unveiling Of The Curtain (Deleted)

Dropped(May rewrite in the future)

DeadMercy · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings