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Reincarnated As Kaido’s little brother

A man once on earth suddenly died but he dose not know how. He meets a very old drunken man that says he a god among gods. After a while of talking the old man says he will be reincarnated with 5 wishes but when he finds out who he is he was shocked but very happy. Watch as he bring fear in peoples eye. Watch as he destroy all in his way. Watch as he becomes the strongest creature the world has ever seen. ————————————————————————————- I am a very new writer and this is my first book so do not expect it to be good. Mc is oc and this will be romance with only 1 or 2 girls (so won’t be a harm) but will be later on in the story. I don’t own one piece and the characters I only own the oc. And this is an alternate universe. He has a very happy personality where even if he gets a little mad he still is happy and won’t ever be mean but he is very very ruthless . But sometimes when he gets really mad he will go ballistic.

UniversalTora · Fantasy
Not enough ratings