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Trapped in that damn novel!!!

After Lily takes her own life, she is transmigrated into a shitty web novel, As an unlucky sidekick. Doomed to live in this crappy clichéd novel world, Lily tries to avoid the events that lead to her end or sprouting of her death flag. All that Lily has to do from now on is to stay away from her personal nemesis for the next 4 years. Or so she thought... After she can focus on leading the existence of a rich and spoiled little princess. But the unthinkable happens. A really hot and dangerous man corners her. There was a burning darkness in his eyes. He grinned coldly. "There will be no more running away from me..." Lily was shivering all over. That's not... how she remembered the story arc would move. What the hell is wrong with this world! Later, the bossy and handsome CEO who never talked to a woman more than it was necessary with limitless wealth and status, seemed to find her everywhere. As if her fate had chosen him as her personal stalker.

Saya_Miyagusuku · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings