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Unloved: The Abandoned Beauty

Colette awakens on the island, almost believing the roller-coaster she had experienced was merely a dream. She's in distraught about what to do with her second chance at life, to get revenge or peacefully live on this island? Unfortunately, she forgot about the man who would storm into her life for the second time hurling her back into society. Strangely, some of her previous memories have faded. She can't seem to remember certain events unless there is a trigger. Why is this happening to Colette. "Miss you're very beautiful, perfect with my handsome self, I think we would be a perfect fit for each oth-" "Shut it. Not another word." Colette coldly responded "Hey now, how about you move the knife away from my throa-" "Zip it" 'OmgOmgOmg why is he here!?!?!? Just when I was able to finally come to terms with what happened in my last life. Still hot too. Sh*t!' (internal thoughts) Disclaimer: This is an original Note: Yes, another romance rebirth novel to read. Sorry... Also this is my first time publishing something so, feedback is welcome. Pls be nice though. Enjoy! :)

M_Myra · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings