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Exorbitant Revenge - Laudable Love

"Chairman Jef,Let's toss a coin. If it's a head I am yours and if it's a tail you are mine." The girl who said these words with damn cute face were resonating in Jeffery's mind. "Chaa,are you missing her?"Annie asked. "Mhm.. Ah! No." "Atleast be frank with yourself." "If she is happy! But it sucks."Jeffery's eyes were red and watery. At a private room in a hotel... "Jeremy, he is a monster.He ruined my family."Curie shouted at her peek. "Are you telling me or yourself?" Jeremy questioned. "I..But, why am I suffering to avenge him? Why is he letting me slander him? " "Curie, what is he to you? Get that clear."By saying this Jeremy left slamming the door. He redialed the number on top of his missed calls list an arrogant female voice was heard. " Jeremy, any progress? " "No, Annie! What about you? " "He is a hopeless love lorn." "The more they care, the depth they suffer. " Annie blurted out of blue"Jer, I.. I miss you. " "Me too, babe. "Jeremy answered with contempt smile. Revenge is a cureless disease. Can the sweetness of love blossom in this dark revenge? Can they find the antidote for this disease? Where will this exorbitant avenge lead to!! **** This novel is our first creation.The characters are solemnly author's imagination.We thank all our friends who encouraged us in our work progress. **ALL RIGHTS RESERVED**

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