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Reborn in a Romance Game

I, Misaki, was reborn as a 'Capture Target', whatever that is. I didn't wish for this. It just happened. The world was inside a game. I can still my little sister saying the name of the game to me, calling me to play it with her before death. Previously a girl, I'm now a guy, walking around, doing magic, trying to save the world (as long as it benefits me), and though I'm not overpowered, I'm strong enough to achieve my goal. Nothing matters. I'll just keep being weird. Keep doing what I can, what I want. Going back home is overrated. Even if I go back, the world will still be the same. I will be the same. Nothing will change. There's just one thing I want to do no matter what. And I will reach my goal. What is it? It's a secret. -------------------------- This is a story about a bunch of people getting killed and being reincarnated after the gods decided Earth was a pain in the ass. The people reincarnate with the memory of their past lives, and then discover that they were actually reincarnated inside a game (shocker!) and they try to change their fate. But is this a good thing? Will this work? Watch the MC be a neurotical, logical, dislikeable human trying to find his/her way in life.

TestTube10 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings