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13th Shinobi

Amara is the 13th child of the Chief of Koku Shinobi Clan who recently died from assassination. Who can kill a demon lord in his own home? As a tradition of their clan, the next chief must prove they are worthy to rule over the village. The task is given, they will need to survive 100 days of assassination. Each day someone will try to kill the chief in any way possible. Successful, you will gain the position of Chief. Surrender, and you will have to offer a nail from your feet as a sign that the steps for greatness were fulfilled. Will Amara be the next chief? Will anyone survive the tradition of the Koku Ninja clan?

GCarre · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Not So Normal

When a teenage girl's abusive father attempts to abuse her after she comes from school she blacks out. When she wakes up her father is brutally killed and she has blood all over her. What happens when a normal teenage girl finds out she is not so normal?

Jordan_Jones_7205 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Blood of demons with in me

Dima was born in the human world called earthtise. He doesn't know his origins nor his adopted mother. He was leaving a peaceful life. Until his brothers and sisters killed his stepmother making him seek revenge on them. Slowly gaining the memories of his demon inheritance and finding a way how to use his demon bloodline. Getting stronger and stronger until he avenges his stepmother and finds his real parent while at it. ------------------------------------- This a completely new story but almost the same thing just some change here and there.

Microwar · Fantasy
Not enough ratings