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ENG: (PATHOGEN) - JP: (病原体) - CHI: (病原) - KOR: (병원체) Cal was born with a Pathogenic dad, and a human mother, making him half-human and half-pathogen. Pathogens spread their infection when killed and will infect people who get their skin exposed to it or it gets inside the body. Pathogens can change their bone and flesh to create guns and other weapons, and Pathogens look human, with no difference physically, with their only weakness being that they cannot answer any type of riddle or questions correctly. More experienced Pathogens can however fool humans easier. Each Pathogen has a unique ability that is only theirs. Pathogens are known to kill and eat each other and they heal slowly by keeping calm. If they are not calm, the wounds will not heal. The government defends people from the Pathogens, with the full moon being a time when the creatures uncontrollably attack in large hordes. Pathogens look different from their human forms and are highly affected by blades, especially if the blade is covered in a certain powder that melts them. The government uses people to fight, also adding different things in the suits to explode or light on fire when the person inside is infected, as to prevent more Pathogens being created. The lower the power of the Pathogen, the lower their IQ is and the lower their power/ability strength is. The weapons they can create are based on ones they have seen or what they can think of. Pathogens are NOT human and can infect humans, turning them into Pathogens, the infection then uses their human form to walk around and blend in. Each Pathogen is better at using different weapons. Shooters are good with guns and usually have armor all over their monster form. Slashers use claws and swords to fight, they seem to have high amounts of energy. Assassins make daggers/throwing weapons and have high agility and speed. Shadows use silent weapons and are good at dodging attacks. Switchers use all types of weapons but gain no physical buff like defense or agility.

_Sunk_ · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings