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MARVEL: Killswitch's Origin

MARVEL: Killswitch's Origin

My name is Edward Kavka. Well, that's the only name that I remember after i was born... or reborn I guess? Yep, I think I reincarnated because I still remember my past life though I don't really know who i was and what led me to this world. Finally, after living for years in this world I know that I was born in a unique world. Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Hey kid." Hmmm... but wait... if this is MCU why is there a board written with "Welcome to Raccoon City: Home of Umbrella"? "Oi!" Is this really MCU that I know? "HEY! Do you hear me!?" Startled I looked back only to see a man looking at me from his car. "Huh? Ah... I'm sorry, I just spaced out." Curious the beardy man then asked, "Are you okay? Need a ride?" "Ahh, thank you. I happen to lost my family at the gas station before. I think I walked too far.", I said while pretending to be sad. The man looked concerned after seeing my haggard clothing and bag. After getting in to the car I asked, "My name is Edward. Edward Kavka. What's yours, kind sir?" After thinking for a while he answered, "John. John Wick" What the f@€k!! Is this really MCU?!

NightHowl · Movies
My mafia Academia

My mafia Academia

Izuku keep getting bullied by his pear, thing goes too far and an accident append letting the poor izuku k.o.. After than incident he found he got the ''Mafioso''quirk Hi i do this to improve my English (not native) Hope you enjoyed it. Peace ✌

CaptainMoon · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings