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Bullets and Bayonets

[!!!Abandoned due to Lack of Ideas!!!]

H_Ledger · War&Military
Not enough ratings

9 lives

A young cat, Flint dies in a strange way. only to be reincarnated as human into a Sci-Fi world where your high school life is dictated by your skills. Put into group 41-D, the worst group in the school. Will Flint get along with the other people in his group? and become the strongest group in the school, or will he stick to his pessimistic views? and die.

MrHideySneeky · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings


The world is overpopulated, rusted, and rundown, and while the current world order, the Pendulum Knights, try to suppress the crime rates, new criminal groups known as "cliques" are obtaining military weapons known as Conduits and pushing the tensions to their breaking point. In Valzeir, the dilapidated "city of dreams", a sheepish trainee designated as Melt wants to join the Pendulum Knights, but after a close encounter involuntarily gets recruited by a group of mass murderers called the Diamond Clique.

KatsuTG · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings