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Who am I ? Where am I ? A virtuous soul was given a second chance to live. At the price of all his memories, he would be reincarnated in a fictional world of his choice with the powers of his choosing. Watch as this soul reincarnates firstly, in the world of Boku no hero academia and strive to reach the highest level. After suffering for years and being saved by the greatest hero, a child has to watch as this hero slowly but surely lost his power. The day when this hero gave his power away, the boy decided something. "I will become a hero, but I will not be the kind of hero who brings smiles to the people. The brighter the light, the larger the shadow. I will become the shadows future symbol of peace" Notice : like most fanfic of this kind, the mc will travel to a different world. Disclaimer : Depiction of cruelty, torture and child abuse will be present. Sex scenes, curse words etc will also be present.Anyone under 12 years of age shouldn't read this. Copyright Disclaimer: Neither the original stories nor the cover picture belongs to me. I am just a fan who wants to write a different version of Mangas I love with the powers of others manga I find badass. You should go read those Mangas or watch their anime version. NOTE: I have a constant release of 5 chapters each week. But if you give me enough stones for me to reach: The top 30= 1 bonus chapter on Saturday. The top 20= 2 bonus on Sunday. The top 10 = another bonus chapter.

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Fire Emblem: A Champion’s Journey

Boredom is something universal, and the lengths a person will go alleviate it can be impressive. What happens when God gets bored? What sorts of things will an all-powerful being do to alleviate boredom? Morgan finds out when he catches the attention of a particular disgruntled god, and now he finds himself in an era of heroes. Come and see how his journey on the continent of Elibe unfolds. Will he grow and become a hero on this journey, or will he remain the same pragmatic person he is. Disclaimer: For those of you who haven’t played Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade, I will try to make this as much of an enjoyable experience for you guys. Just to get an idea, most fire emblem stories follow the narrative of a classic hero’s journey, so nothing too crazy for those of you who know what that is. For those of you who played Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade, I hope you enjoy the changes I made to the story. I added a few elements from the modern games to spice things up. This is my first fanfic so it's a learning process, I will improve hopefully. Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own the source material, nor the cover art. I am just a guy writing this for fun. The cover art has been slightly modified, check out the original art on pixiv. Art ID: 61145514 Artist Name: kori

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