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God of Writing : (Aren't These Domains too much??)

In the world of Academia, Legend has it that the Creator was a weird name called a Writer. It was said that when he wrote let there be light, there was light. When he described what he wanted and wrote it down it happened . He wrote let there be humans and elves, the humans and elves appeared. Until one day the Creator disappeared. Our MC is a destitute writer from Earth that was struck by lightning sent from the heavens. Our MC is thrusted into this world of peril, he makes friends and enemies and maybe even (a) lover or lovers. In this world full of strong beings where a single arrow can destroy a planet, a swing divides the earth straight in half and a spear breaks the heavens, our MC is a mere speck of dust with the hope of rising into the heavens and onto the throne of the Creator. ********************* "John, we'll forever be enemies, after all my years of fu****g around you go ahead and kill the son I worked hard for", said the God of Infertility. "Old man, don't tell me you don't suspect the boy's mother, you're the God of Infertility for Creator's sake, you've been cuckolded bro... you're even meant to be thanking me", said John. ******************** "Oh, John did you see my Stick of Fire", asked the Fire God. "Oh is it a black stick that emits heat?", asked John. The Fire God nodded. John scratched his head. "I think I used something like that in removing the strands of dragon meat stuck in between my teeth". "What?".

grimreaper906 ยท Fantasy
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