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Dark Passion

Dragged back home unwilling, only to learn her mother sicked. The king her father watches in silence as her mother takes her own life. Escaping the castle from the dark tragedy. Leaving behind her kingdom. Winter wishes to seek freedom and revenge.  In the wake of chaos, she seeks answers into who is she really?  Walking into an unknown kingdom. He seeks answers. He bows his head to the Queen wanting to be her knight. Following the inner voices inside searching who actually is he.  Raine stumbled upon a woman within a icy pillar. Unknown desire to protect her. Who is she? All Right Reserved Disclaimer on image. Photo taken by Cambion Art

Chev · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

tyrant academy

Alucard is a young commoner in the village of malah. He use to be bright child but a horror happen. He never receive any magic power or anything from nature when it was suppose to be given at the age of sixteen . And now that he is seventeen and has no magic the only thing he can do is to use his knowledge to survive but on the way home he help an old man and surprisingly gave him a necklace. A magic necklace that grants him the power that he wanted without knowing the necklace’s past.

Axl_Rubio · Fantasy
Not enough ratings