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New World - Philippines transported to another world

New World - Philippines transported to another world

In all these years (probably more than 100 years exactly), The Philippines have finally left its development state. Debts - paid, Economy - booming, Military power - In the worlds top 10 strongest countries. The country had achieved heights no one ever saw and now, one of the worlds leading countries in technology advancement. Achieving Nano-technology to the third leader on the start of the intergalactic missions. Until the country got enshrouded in a thick fog, losing all contacts to the outside world. The last message recieved was "Losing contacts all ships return to homeland!! I repeat all ships that belongs to The country return to the hom----". Now follow us on what awaits the country on this unexpected happenings. (THIS NOVEL IS ON HOLD!!) (Picture not mine. but the edit is mine. just saw it on Google. if the original artist saw this. pls tell me so that I can put the credit to you)

Moe_Cyan_Pile · Fantasy
The Gray sign

The Gray sign

A post war world put in a Great Worldwide Depression, full of corruption, religion and Demons called Soul Leaches. Follow the story of Seryoja and Eliot slowly revealing the secrets hidden from the average people. Will their story lead to a calamity shaking the whole world or will the world become a better place? Stay on your toes for updates! *Authors note: I'm passionate about this story. I've aways wanted to write my own story but never started it, i hope you enjoy this one since it's my first ever story. I won't say anything else since I don't want to spoil.

Yavor_Georgiev · Fantasy
Not enough ratings