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Meet the Master of the Night | The Sims 4 Inspired Story

Who would've thought that Jake can get along with mortals? what do they expect to a charming, hot, and ------ every woman's dream guy!

VIYNOM · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Victoria's Deceit

In Victorian England where the streets are dimly-lit and the fog is thick mystery lurks around every corner. Algathon, a tactful general, receives an invitation to an old friend's manor. It had been very long since either of them had spoken. Being both aristocrats, only the most elite would be allowed to go. Algathon knew from experience the wealthy were a little bit exotic, to say the least. Algathon remembers the friend fondly and cannot wait to laugh about the new experiences he had and tragedies they've been put through. Putting away his busy schedule, he takes off next morning with his wife and two children. Little did he know how much of a mistake that was.

de_vaun · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings